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Sell, Buy with real estate broker Julien Tourmetz who offers you the Royal Lepage Royal Protection at no additional costs!

Your protection against: Latent defects, Delays and Withdrawals, Special assessments for co-ownerships, Legal assistance. Peace of mind.

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Real estate is not that easy! It is not enough to put a sign to sell and register your property on a website … Are you protected by the Real Estate Brokerage Act?

There are very often problems in the transactions and the sellers always end up entrusting the sale of their property to an agent.

The real estate broker’s job takes on all its importance when he takes care of and studies the documents and information concerning a property. Because he engages his professional responsibility, his code of ethics, the real estate broker has the duty and the obligation to protect the client.

For sellers, it is important to choose the right buyers, those who will go to the notary! Can the buyer afford to buy your property? Is he the right buyer for your property? Do you have the right marketing? Are you well positioned relative to the market? Are you able to explain why a property is sold cheaper or faster? Have you thought about buying back and coordinating legal deadlines and money transfers for your next notarial deed? ect, ect …

It is essential to master real estate law and legal forms. Like following the deadlines of an offer to buy and the implication of the conditions of an offer to buy to protect yourself well, avoid wasting time because of a buyer, because of an error because of you!

There must always be an intermediary between the buyer and the seller to complete the transaction during all stages of the transaction. It is therefore strongly advised not to wait to go to the notary!

The Internet has given buyers the means to quickly compare properties (price versus quality), without showing the value or quality of your property! The buyer decides quickly and must also be quickly reassured when a problem or doubt arises on your property.

Are we well protected before-during-after the transaction? How to manage the legality of the communication of information? How to protect and manage the clauses and deadlines of a promise to purchase? The broker must effectively ensure the validity of property documents as a notary who will do a few weeks before the act only. Is there a dispute that affects the property? One or more legal mortgages against the seller?  How to manage the building inspection with deadlines, legally and what to do if something could reduce the value of the property?

The OACIQ (Quebec Real Estate Agency) is your ally for a successful transaction. In fact, their role, entrusted by the Quebec government, is to apply the Real Estate Brokerage Act and, thus, to protect you when you carry out real estate or mortgage transactions with the help of a broker. In particular, they ensure that brokers constantly improve their knowledge, inspect and equip them so that they can play their role effectively and honestly.

71% of people believe that they benefit from, or do not know if they benefit from, the protections provided by the Real Estate Brokerage Act when dealing with assistance companies (according to an independent survey conducted in 2017 by Synopsis).

By partnering with the Royal Lepage Urbain agency, a leader in the real estate industry, Julien Tourmetz is your asset to help you excel in your real estate project. He will help you with Passion and Professionalism.

REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL, with you, with protection!



With a real estate broker, you are well protected

Doing business with a real estate broker ensures you are protected by law. The Real Estate Brokerage Act and various organizations regulate the profession of real estate broker so that consumers are served in a fair and competent manner. This gives you the assurance of being served by a highly qualified and well-trained professional.

Real Estate Brokerage Act

The primary purpose of the Real Estate Brokerage Act is to protect the public. To do this, it provides certain rules relating to the brokerage contract between the broker and the client who wishes to sell his property. These rules are analogous to certain rules in the Consumer Protection Act.

Quebec’s self-regulatory organization for real estate brokers

Created by the Real Estate Brokerage Act, the purpose of the OATQQ is to protect the public by supervising the practice of all real estate professionals. Itis responsible for administering the examination leading to a certificate of practice, and ensuring that brokers continue to operate in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations. For more information, visit

Real Estate Indemnity Fund

Each real estate broker contributes to the Real Estate Indemnity Fund. The Fund has the power to indemnify the consumer in the event of a problem in a real estate transaction, whether fraud, dishonest transaction or embezzlement. or goods. For more information, visit

Professional liability insurance

The professional liability insurance to which real estate brokers must subscribe provides additional financial protection to consumers in the event of fault, error, negligence or omission. This insurance covers claims of a civil nature and civil suits.

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